About Us

Ocean Sports is a family run business, founded back in 1988, where we discovered that there was a need for a watersports shop on the South Cornish coast.

Here at Ocean Sports, our aim was to cater for all watersports enthusiasts. Being only 200 yards from Pentewan beach we found that customers after making a purchase had the intention of using their product virtually straight away. Bearing this in mind we decided that customers required good advice and quality products at reasonable prices.

Having been involved in diving, sailing, waterskiing, kayaking and fishing ourselves as hobbies, Ocean Sports can offer a lot of useful and practical advice which we have found our customers really appreciate. Unlike most inland shops, where customers make a purchase then use the product some days or even weeks/months later, our customers generally use their product that day. With this in mind, we found that to reduce the disappointment to customers of having to order goods and wait for them to arrive some days later we decided to always carry a certain level of stock. Also after years of experience, we know the quality of the products that we sell and therefore see very few returns. Some products occasionally slip through the manufacturers quality control but we do our best to resolve the matter as quickly as possible to everyone’s satisfaction.

Although we have always offered a postal service, Ocean Sports is now able to offer a fully integrated web shop that allows both existing and new customers the ability to shop at their convenience with the knowledge that here at Ocean Sports we aim to offer a service that is second to none.

Ocean Sports Pentewan is open throughout the year although we are at our busiest during the Summer months! The webshop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whereas our bricks and mortar shop is open 7 days a week in the Summer and 4 days a week in the Winter. For any advice or questions please contact us either by email sales@ocean-sports.co.uk or tel: 01726 842817.

Miles (owner/staff) was brought up in a watersports environment and is a current DIVE INSTRUCTOR, RYA POWERBOAT, ADVANCED POWERBOAT, SAFETY BOAT INSTRUCTOR and RYA FIRST AID TRAINER.

Diving: Started diving when he was 6 years old using a twin hose and an old fire extinguisher bottle from a meteor jet! been diving ever since and has dived all over the world (UK still has the best diving, Cozumel though the clearest) as well as worked as a film safety diver. When not diving he enjoys:

Sailing: Sailed various yachts around the UK coast, the Med and the Caribean although now getting to grips with racing catamarans at Pentewan Sands Sailing Club.

Waterskiing: When the seas flat and the viz is low or when cold enough snow skiing (but only abroad) its great to have a few tows around the bay although the knees refuse to use a kneeboard now and a buoy course on the sea is a bit challenging, but still, a mono ski from Black Head to Pentewan beach is great fun.

Kayaking: When the seas calm with little wind what better way to appreciate the coastline with a paddle to Charlestown or Gorran Haven for lunch and a fishing line off the back means there’s always the chance of catching dinner!

Carol (the boss!) enjoys the fun and excitement of being both on and below the water.

Sailing: A RYA Dayskipper she has sailed all-over the world from around the British coast and crossing the channel in a hurricane! to sailing in various areas of the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans and around most of the Caribbean islands in a wide range of yachts and in all conditions.  Carol has also organised several sailing expeditions that involved crossing the Atlantic – sailing along the Caribbean islands – along the coast of the USA before crossing back to the UK.

Kayaking: On leaving the R.A.F Carol gained her BCU 3* certificate in sea kayaking and enjoys taking her kayak out for a days trip along the Cornish coast.

Diving: A B.S.A.C. trained diver, Carol has dived around the world from the reefs off Tahiti, the sunken city of Alexandra, the waters surrounding the Caribbean & Ascension Islands to diving under the waves of Cornwall.