Spearfishing in Cornwall

Spearfishing in Cornwall or anywhere else, is a great way to get a free meal! but care should be used as they are deadly if you are not careful. A rule is that the longer the speargun the more accurate & powerful it will be but if you are new to the sport it is best to start with a shorter speargun say a 500 or 600mm in our experience.

Our advice would be to start with a speargun of either 500mm or 600mm in length as they are easier to load and handle in the water. These spearguns are great for getting fish that are under rock ledges, kelp forests or where visibility is not that good. They are easier to store on a boat for that impulse use as well. With any spearguns 750 + mm in length, most people will find difficult to load and manoeuvre in the shallow/kelp water and these spearguns are best for use in open water with good, clear visibility although the 750 is a great allrounder once you have mastered the use of a speargun.

You should always try to get close to the fish; as an idea, a range of 3 metres is about as far away from the fish as you should be. Remember that objects appear about a third bigger underwater and don’t forget to secure the spear to your speargun with the lanyard and bungee. Note only shoot fish you are prepared to eat. Good hunting!