The WETSUIT WAREHOUSE at Ocean Sports Pentewan
We have wetsuits to suit everyone. From our smallest wetsuit by O’Neill that will fit a 9 month old whose parents just want them to be kept that extra bit warm when sitting by the shore or just learning to get their water confidence in a pool (and look cute with it!) to the more larger framed person who wishes to stay in the water longer.

At Ocean Sports Pentewan, we also have a budget range of wetsuits that mean we are as good on price as any supermarket but we feel the wetsuits are of a better quality, however, if you are more interested in comfort than cost we are sure you will always go for the O’Neill or Alder wetsuits. Once you have tried them both on you will appreciate the difference. With wetsuits to be used in a variety of watersports and conditions from surfing, swimming, sailing, diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, spearfishing and many more, there is a wide choice to choose from and try on.

Due to the various size differences from manufacturer – manufacture  and how they fit we feel that it is best to try a wetsuit on before purchase. As such our wetsuits are only available in store.

We have both dive and surface drysuits by Typhoon and surface drysuits by Crewsaver and Typhoon