O’Neill childs shorty wetsuit


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O’Neill child shorty wetsuits are a great summer wetsuit with a perfect combination of stretch and durability. Great for keeping your child warm whilst playing in the water but also offers total UV protection on the areas covered. Will also help with their buoyancy. For those just getting use to the water even in an indoor heated pool they are fantastic in helping your child gain in water confidence.  We have tried various other childrens brands but find the O’Neill are a lot softer and more flexible making for a happier child! Features:

2mm neoprene.

Back zip, strategic seamless paddle zones, wind-resistant smooth skin. double super seal neck.

Ultra flex construction, flatlock stitched breathable seams.

Sizes: 1 – 6 From our experience and as an idea, a size 1 will fit from around 9 months to a 2 and a half year old. A size 2 from 1.5 years to 3.5yrs and so on.

Various colourways.

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