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Life Jackets & Buoyancy Aids for paddleboarders

Crewsaver/Yak buoyancy aids

Trying to decide between a Life Jacket & Buoyancy Aid for paddleboarding?  Well there is a clue in the name! Life Jackets are designed to float you head up out of the water if you are knocked unconscious where as a buoyancy aid assist in keeping you afloat. The majority of paddleboarders will opt for a buoyancy aid as  most are low profile, always have a degree of buoyancy and are cheaper. Be sure to get a high cut buoyancy aid. Life jackets tend to be very bulky unless they have a manual inflation CO2 cylinder which needs to be engaged before you get any buoyancy.  Do not get an auto inflation life jacket!

For any more advice or to try some buoyancy aids or life jackets on, call in.