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Webcam down but should be up and working by tonight. However the views are still the same (flat water, sunshine) so you haven’t missed anything!

9 thoughts on “Webcam

  1. Miles,

    it’s a shame that your web cam showing Pentewan Sands Holiday Park is not up and running.

    Best regards


    1. Hi Alan yes, sorry about that but I have to wait for an IT expert to reset!

      1. Hi Alan, webcam is still working but for some reason unknown seems to drop out for a day every now and then but then resets its self!

  2. Miles

    have you any idea when your web cam will be up and running. We missed out coming to Pentewan Sands this year due to the pandemic.

    Hope you are keeping safe.
    Best regards

    Alan & Pam

    1. Sorry but still waiting to be fixed. May need to invest in a new one!

      1. New webcam installed

  3. Thank You for your Web cam. It brings back many memories of our visits to Pentewan over the last 20 years, we have been unable to visit for the last 2 seasons due to this terrible virus, hope to be with you next June 2021

    1. Hoping to have a new webcam installed this week!

    2. New webcam installed

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